Failing Justice on YouTube

Once upon a time, justice meant something.

Once upon a time, justice meant something. Innocent people didn’t feel intense fear and pressure to plead guilty and the punishment fit the crime. Noble notions of Lady Justice blindly holding balanced scales have since been replaced by a win at all costs attitude more appropriate for a battlefield than a courtroom ensuring we’re all GUILTY TILL PROVEN INNOCENT the moment we’re accused.

Failing Justice exists to disrupt the system.  We’re here to champion the rights of the accused, support families of the incarcerated and effect change for greater criminal justice reform.

Our videos will highlight problems at prisons, comfort loved ones, and generally discuss a daisy-chain review from Pre-Indictment through Supervised Release, recommending the best strategies for hiring the right attorney and minimizing your sentence while reporting on the regulations, unwritten rules, underground economy and lessons necessary for navigating the unreported dangers of Federal Prison.