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Life can be stressful having an incarcerated loved one.  Reaching out to others going through the exact same thing can be a useful resource.  Someone who knows and understands the heartache and difficulties you’re going through.  Or, perhaps you have some prison news to share. The following links are tools to help you cope during this challenging time.

Prison Talk

The PrisonTalk Online web community was conceived in a prison cell, designed in a halfway house, and funded by donations from families of ex-offenders, to bring those with an interest in the prisoner support community a forum in which their issues and concerns may be addressed by others in similar circumstances and beliefs.

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prison fellowship

Prison Fellowship® is the nation’s largest nonprofit serving prisoners, former prisoners, and their families, and a leading advocate for justice reform. We seek to share the real, living hope of the Gospel with people who long for its power to make them new. Real restoration begins by addressing the cycle of crime on all fronts, in prison and out, and engaging in a cycle ofrenewal.

The visiting room

The Visiting Room is a support center for family and friends of inmates. We have participants who cover the spectrum of sentences and crimes. We do not judge. Our main goal is to provide friendship, information and share a laugh or two with others who are on a similar path.

Loved ones of Prisoners

Loved Ones of Prisoners (LOOP) is a ministry formed to provide support and guidance to the loved ones of prisoners in the criminal justice system. When someone is incarcerated the loved ones are being punished as well as the prisoners; there is guilt, shame, anger, loss of self esteem, dignity, income, support, and social standing. All of these consequences are due to the prisoner’s behavior, and their loved ones are often left alone to deal with them. Shame, or as the psychologist calls it “TOXIC SHAME”  is just that: TOXIC. It eats at you, for it says,  “YOU ARE A MISTAKE.”  LOOP says no, someone you love “MADE a mistake.”   We would like to provide an open, safe place for you to feel,  process, and express these events and reactions.

Prison Activist Resource Center

PARC is a prison abolitionist group committed to exposing and challenging all forms of institutionalized racism, sexism, able-ism, heterosexism, and classism, specifically within the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC). PARC believes in building strategies and tactics that build safety in our communities without reliance on the police or the PIC. We produce a directory that is free to prisoners upon request, and seek to work in solidarity with prisoners, ex-prisoners, their friends and families. We also work with teachers and activists on many prison issues.

5 Amazing Resources for a Loving and Strong Prison Wife

When your spouse is incarcerated, providing love and support during their sentence is crucial. Finding the strength to fulfill those duties while taking care of life’s other obligations is what makes for a strong prison wife. It is said that the family of an incarcerated person serves a different kind of sentence. Getting support for yourself is important. The following list includes a variety of valuable resources, many of them created by other prison wives.

Children of inmates

More than 300,000 children in Florida have an incarcerated parent. For many children, having a parent in jail or prison often results in school behavior and performance problems, as well as social and institutional stigma and shame. Our staff and network of faith-based and professional organizations reintroduce children to their incarcerated parents, create positive memories and moments for the children, and facilitate rebuilding lasting bonds for a lifetime. Our focus is raising children to be happy, healthy and productive citizens. We coordinate wrap-around services, conduct Bonding Visits, and advocate for stronger policies to strengthen the bond between children and their incarcerated parents and mitigate the trauma caused by the separation.

Meetup – Support Group for families of prisoners

Find out what’s happening in Support Group for Families of Prisoners Meetup groups around the world and start meeting up with the ones near you.