Guilty Till Proven Innocent

A Shocking Inside View into America’s Failing Justice System

Fully Committed to Criminal Justice Reform

Failing Justice is fully committed to Criminal Justice Reform. For that reason, 90% of the proceeds generated by Guilty Till Proven Innocent are being donated to support CJR and inmate related charities.  Moreover, FJ is offering free downloads and copies at cost to CJR related organizations.  

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This book provides a shocking inside view of America’s FAILING JUSTICE system, offering advice and counsel for the entire process from
pre-indictment to supervised release.

Don’t believe this can happen to you?

Think again.  The government has an outrageous 97 percent conviction rate and over 10% of US adults have a criminal record.  Guilty, innocent, it rarely makes a difference once the Feds have you in their sights. I was a corporate attorney and Columbia Law School grad.  You’d think I would have known all this.  The fact is, even most criminal defense experts don’t have a clue.  I learned some very expensive lessons that cost years of my life.  Let me help guide you to avoid the same fate. 

 “Extreme justice is extreme injustice.”  Marcus Cicero