GUILTY TILL PROVEN INNOCENT: A Shocking Inside View Into America's Failing Justice System

Offering advice and counsel for the entire process from pre-indictment to supervised release.

"Oh my God, I'm a Federal target?!?"
Now what?
Well, after you get over the initial horror, there’s plenty you can do to protect yourself and prepare for the incoming hurricane including:

Selecting the right attorney

Dealing with the Feds

 Minimizing your legal exposure

Planning for and surviving prison.

Don’t believe this can happen to you?  Think again.  The government has an outrageous 97 percent conviction rate and over 10% of US adults have a criminal record.  Guilty, innocent, it rarely makes a difference once the Feds have you in their sights.
I was a corporate attorney and Columbia Law School grad.  You’d think I would have known all this.  The fact is, even most criminal defense experts don’t have a clue.  I learned some very expensive lessons that cost years of my life.  Let me help guide you to avoid the same fate.
Dollar for dollar, this book will by far be the best money you spend in your own defense.
Only $16.99 in Paperback $13.99 for Kindle

What industry professionals are saying about Guilty Till Proven Innocent:

Lord Conrad Black
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“Lawrence Hartman in this excellent book largely confines himself to the current facts, practical problems, and best methods for an individual to try to cope with the American criminal justice system. This foreword attempts to provide some background and context to supplement the author’s invaluable advice on how to cope with every stage of the misfortune of being drawn into the American criminal justice system. I cannot recommend it strongly enough to anyone in that unenviable position, or to any American interested in the largely overlooked crisis of his country’s justice system.”
The Talk from Cell Block Podcast
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“The must have Survival Guide when facing the Federal Justice System.”
Louis L. Reed, #Cut50
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“Lawrence Hartman is a voice for our time, humanizing the experiences of people impacted by the criminal justice system and creating systemic change in the process!”
Kate Boccia, CEO, National Incarceration Association
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“The family story of mass incarceration is in the center of every page of our American story. It is the story of endless journeys through failed policies and outdated norms.  Guilty Till Proven Innocent shines a light on the absurdities that exist today, absurdities that we have the capacity to change.”
Dr. Thaddeus L.
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“This refreshingly disturbing piece highlights how the justice system’s decision-making is often based on winning instead of public safety. The only problem is someone has to lose – definitely, a must read for those entering the profession and citizens alike.”
Joe Harmer, The Last Chance Project
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“Are you or a loved one worried about a Federal investigation? Guilty Till Proven Innocent takes you through the entire process, teaching you what to expect and providing advice on how to make the best of a difficult situation.”
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