Failing Justice

Our Mission

Innocent till proven guilty.  It’s as old as American jurisprudence itself.  Yet, it has never been more under attack than it is today in the Federal criminal justice system.  The sad reality is that our system is so rigged and broken that you’re as good as guilty the moment you’re indicted.  That why I created Failing Justice.  To create awareness and effect change.  Great countries are judged by how they treat their most defenseless and disenfranchised.  Join me, learn how the crooked system works, and be part of the solution.

EST. 2020

A Voice for the Voiceless and Advocate for Criminal Justice Reform


Our criminal justice system is broken. America houses over 25 percent of the world’s prisoners despite only having 5 percent of its population. Sentences, moreover, are ridiculously long (an average of 63 months), more than double that of most other prosperous democracies. Over one-third of people living in the US have a family member or close friend who has served time. Are we truly that much more criminal than the rest of the world?

Don’t believe this can happen to you? Think again. The US government has a 97 percent conviction rate, affecting every race, creed, color, religion, and gender. Guilty, innocent, it rarely makes a difference once the Feds have you in their sights.

As a former attorney and inmate, I have a lot to share. From critical insights in the courtroom to the dramatic details of prison life. Over time, I’ll cover everything from pre-indictment to supervised release, providing a shocking inside view into America’s FAILING JUSTICE system.