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Defendant.                                               )


The defendant, _______________, acting Pro Se’, moves for early termination of supervised release pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3583(e)(1).  As further explained below, Defendant served his/her sentence of incarceration, completed over a year of supervised release, paid his/her special assessment and restitution, complied with all other conditions of supervised release, and is gainfully employed.  [NOTE: include the following if it applies (Defense counsel has discussed the substance of this motion with the United State’s Attorney’s Office and Defendant’s probation officer, and neither opposes it.)]  Accordingly, Defendant requests that the Court grant this Motion for early termination of supervised release.


[Add Specifics of your case here – or just delete this Section – your choice.]  


Title 18 United States Code, Section 3583(e)(1), authorizes the Court to “terminate a term of supervised release and discharge the defendant released at any time after the expiration of one year of supervised release … if it is satisfied that such action is warranted by the conduct of the defendant released and the interest of justice.”  In making this determination, the Court should consider factors set forth in § 3553, including the nature and circumstances of the offense, the defendant’s history and characteristics, the need for deterrence, the need to protect the public from the defendant, and the need to provide the defendant with needed training and medical care.


There is no dispute that the Court has the authority to terminate supervised release because Defendant has served over a year of his term.  The factors set forth in § 3553 favor early termination of Defendant’s supervised release.  Defendant was convicted of a non-violent crime and made full restitution to the victims of his offense.  Prior to that conviction, Defendant had no criminal record.  Since completing his prison sentence, Defendant has lived in ____________________ and has worked steadily and successfully in in [name and address of business], where he [add your job title and description of your work here].  In addition to making restitution, he/she has paid his/her mandatory special assessment and has complied with all other conditions of supervision.  Simply put, Defendant served his/her time, paid his/her financial penalties, and is doing everything in his/her power to be a good citizen and a contributing member of society.  He presents no threat to the public and needs no training or medical care.

Early termination of Defendant’s supervised release would also impact him/her professionally and personally since [add relevant factors for yourself here].


Based on the foregoing, Defendant respectfully requests that the Court grant this Motion for early termination of supervised release.

Respectfully submitted,




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